Why Pre-Order Your Tent?

The recent pandemic has caused many of us to re-think our lifestyles and has had far-reaching impacts on how we work, school our children and use our homes. Unfortunately one of the negative impacts of this situation is the impact on global supply chains.

Whilst we want you to get hold of your tent as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the innumerable pleasures of camping and glamping, this situation has caused us to reconsider how we run our business.

The Suez canal embargo and a slowing of trade routes globally due to coronavirus outbreaks and unavailability of shipping containers has caused huge delays and expense for every business reliant on overseas suppliers, and we are no exception.

Karma Canvas are now providing our customers with the option to pre-order our tents, so that our customers don’t miss out on our products (quite often out tents sell out in the first few weeks) and we are able to manage our cash-flow through these uncertain times and still be around to provide you with the high-quality products, care and service you have come to expect from us.

Please rest assured that if you pre-order, your order will be fulfilled as soon as we have stock and you are protected from any potential price increases which may occur after your order.

Whilst we do our best to give you the most up-to-date estimates of stock availability, they can only be estimates and many factors can cause these projections to change.

Currently we have been forced to increase our prices marginally due to the cost of freight, materials and local delivery which has been enforced upon us by the pandemic. However, we commit to our price increases always being fair, and we are constantly monitoring the market so that if prices can be decreased we will do so to give you the best value possible.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not provide refunds for pre-ordered items unless there is a defect with the item after you have received it. Pre-ordering is not the same as being placed on a wish list, it is a real order and the same Australian Consumer Law rules apply. A cancellation is considered a “change of mind” for which we are not legally bound to refund you. When you make a pre-order we also can’t (and don’t) guarantee that you will receive the order in the time we estimate, as this can change drastically due to circumstances beyond our control.

Here’s wishing the planet a speedy return to normal for both businesses and customers everywhere.

All our best wishes,

The Karma Canvas Team