Nomad PRO Stove with Eco-Burn


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The KC Nomad PRO stove levels up our original stove by adding the benefits of a secondary burn function. This extra feature combusts the hot flue gas and fumes at the top of the fire box so nothing is wasted and very little in the way of emissions are expelled from the flue. Great for close proximities to other campers and for maximising on firewood.


This lightweight, portable multi fuel stove is an ideal companion for all of our bell tents and is durable enough to be used for more permanent installations such as sheds, boats and caravans.


The KC Nomad PRO stove offers an extra large cooking surface with a removable hotplate cover/toploader and 2x removable stainless steel pan racks that can be fitted to ether side of the hotplate to further extend your cooking area.


When the stove is packed down for storage or transportation all the flue sections fit snugly inside its belly and the legs fold away. The leg design has been improved and are now much more durable and leave a smaller footprint.


  • New leg design for 2020!
  • Secondary Eco-Burn
  • Glass Window in the door
  • Attachment points for water boiler – get hot water on demand!
  • Integrated spark arrestor in flue pipe
  • Extra long 2. 4mtr 60mm stainless steel flue pipe.
  • Fully welded heavy duty firebox complete with a multi fuel ash grate.
  • Air control vent regulator
  • Removable top loader
  • Size 250mm x 250mm x 400mm
  • 3-4kw of heat output

What’s in the box:

  • The Nomad Stove
  • Carry bag and shoulder straps
  • Guy rope ring kit (for flue stability when not used in a tent or in high winds)
  • 2x Stainless Steel Pan Racks
  • 1x Poker Tool


SAFETY INFORMATION: Our stoves and flashing kits are only designed to be used at temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. We can’t be held responsible for any damage caused when used at temperatures exceeding this range.  If you wish to use your Nomad stove inside a tent, you need to purchase the silicone flashing kit available in our store.  As an optional but highly recommended extra, we also suggest that you purchase the double insulated flue section which will protect the silicone collar and prevent it from getting too hot and perishing. We always recommend the use of a portable carbon monoxide detector when using our stoves inside an enclosed area. We also recommend that you do not sleep with the fire alight.

Our Nomad PRO Stoves are protected by way of registered design in the UK, Australia and other relevant territories.

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 30 cm