Nomad PRO Stove with Secondary Burn


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SAFETY INFORMATION: If you wish to use your Nomad stove inside a tent, for the safety of your installation, you WILL NEED to purchase the silicone flashing kit available in our store.  As an optional but highly recommended extra, we also suggest that you purchase the double insulated flue section which will protect the silicone collar and prevent it from getting too hot and perishing.

The Karma Canvas Nomad PRO is Australia’s first portable wood burning tent stove to offer extremely efficient re-burning of fuel gases to insure a clean, eco-friendly burn and low fuel use. Make your hard-won firewood last longer!

The amazing Nomad PRO stove offers between 3 and 4 kw of heat but only weighs in at 14kg and the extra long 2.4m stainless steel flue pipe with built in spark arrestor stops any stray sparks or hot ash coming in contact with your canvas.

Our Nomad PRO stove comes complete with durable carry bag and shoulder straps, 2.4m stainless steel flue with spark arrestor, guy rope ring kit (to stabilise the flue pipe when used outside a tent) 2 stainless steel pan racks to extend your cooking area, poker tool for removal and replacement of the top-loader and ash collection pan.

This stove offers a extra large cooking surface with a removable hotplate cover/top-loader and 2 removable stainless steel pan racks that can be fitted to ether side of the hotplate to further extend your cooking area.

When the stove is packed down for storage or transportation all the flue sections fit snugly inside its belly and the legs fold away.

The Nomad PRO comes ready with all the fittings to add our optional side mounted water boiler with brass tap to supply you with piping hot water on demand.

This is the cleanest burning portable tent stove on the Australian market, giving you the absolute maximum amount of energy and heat using the minimum amount of fuel, allowing you to burn much more responsibly with little to no smoke from the flue when the primary intake is closed down and the secondary burn is enabled.

With the secondary combustion enabled you will see the flames dancing around he airflow holes at the top of the fire box and little jets of gas burning as they exit the wood.

The secondary gasification system ignites all hot flue gases and fumes at the top of the fire box so nothing is wasted and next to no emissions are expelled from the flue.

This is perfect for use in tents when carbon monoxide issues can be a concern, or when at campsites where you are located closely to other tents and need to keep flue pipe smoke to a minimum.

This lightweight, portable multi fuel stove is an ideal companion for all of our bell tents and due to its compact but solid construction it can literally go where other stoves can’t! With its fully welded heavy duty firebox and multi fuel grate with ash removal pan the nomad PRO stove is also perfect for more permanent installations.

  • Built in glass window in the door.
  • 3-4 kw output depending on choke setting
  • Secondary burn ensuring efficient clean combustion.
  • Sustainable clean burning, utilising minimal fuel.
  • Integrated spark arrestor in flue pipe.
  • Extra long upgraded 2. 4m 60mm stainless steel flue pipe.
  • Fully welded heavy duty firebox complete with a multi-fuel ash grate.
  • Ash pan so you can remove any ash from fire box.
  • Air control primary regulator.
  • Secondary combustion intakes fitted ether side if the stove body.
  • Stove hotplate is heavy gauge steel to ensure long stove life.
  • Removable top-loader.
  • Size 250mm x 250mm x 400mm.

Please note that using dry hardwood is recommended and significantly improves the duration and efficiency of burn.

Our Nomad PRO Stove range is protected by way of registered design in the UK, Australia and other relevant territories.