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5M DOUBLE DOOR | Bell Tent

5M DOUBLE DOOR | Bell Tent

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Presenting the Karma Canvas 5m double door bell tent! It's designed to exacting standards and with the Australian climate in mind, offering integrated, extra high (2m) mesh / canvas double doors.

Made from 300gsm natural, unbleached, 100% cotton canvas, they are easy to set-up and will pack down and fit into any vehicle, no matter the size. Our experience has led us to choose 300gsm canvas a the perfect balance of durability vs weight.

The tent has two 2m high doors positioned opposite each other at each side of the tent. These tents are especially popular for creating workshops and communal spaces which do not feel so enclosed, and also give you lots of flexibility if you wish to connect the tent with another one using our awnings, and make your own Karma Canvas village! They are also made from a very slightly lighter weight canvas to compensate for the extra weight of the zips and poles for the second door.


The Karma Canvas 5 meter double door mesh bell tent will sleep 6 people camping style, or if you want to accessorise your tent and sleep "glamping" style, this tent is perfect for 4 people.

If you've never camped in a 100% canvas bell tent before, be prepared to be amazed. You'll never go back to nylon or polyester after camping in one of these awesome tents. Not only are they roomy and feel luxurious but they maintain a constant temperature and are a pleasure to be in. You might find you never want to leave the tent, especially on a hot day, and if you have a stove, on a cold night!

From new, your bell tent can be used straight out of the bag without any prior treatment and is waterproof and mould resistant.

The tent takes only 15-20 mins to erect.

Key Features:

    • Two 2m high mesh / canvas doors
    • 300gsm 100% cotton canvas (not poly/cotton) - treated to resist mould, UV and water - also fire retardant
    • No treatment required prior to use
    • "No-trip" reflective guy ropes
    • Large Canvas duffel bag for easy pack-down
    • Super thick 540 GSM rip-stop removable PVC zipped in groundsheet (ZIG)
    • Sides can be unzipped  and rolled up on hot days
    • Anti-bug mesh on all ingress points including windows and vents
    • Heavy duty zips and tracks throughout with waterproof flaps
    • 6mm thick guy ropes and chunky wooden guy sliders
    • Heavy duty 10mm "rebar" pegs and sprung galvanised steel poles
    • Double stitching on all seams - reinforced at key tension points
    • 3 meshed vents at the apex of the tent to maintain a comfortable temperature
    • 4 zipped canvas windows with anti-bug mesh

What’s included:

    • 300gsm 100% cotton canvas bell tent with zipped-in waterproof 540gsm groundsheet
    • Spring-loaded galvanised steel tent poles
    • Reflective guy ropes and wooden sliders
    • All required pegs (28 in total) – upgraded heavy-duty rebar pegs for guy ropes
    • Canvas duffel bag with heavy-duty zip
    • Erection guide & care instructions

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