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Maintaining and caring for your canvas:

Tents have traditionally been made of canvas because of its durable character, breathability and water-resistance. Today, tents are made of many kinds of materials including nylon, polyester but canvas is still the material of choice for many experienced campers. Canvas requires a certain amount of maintenance, however, to keep it in good condition and free of mildew. Routine care of your canvas tent will go a long way toward making it last for years.

This bell tent has been treated to be water, UV and mold resistant to help protect from dirt, ultraviolet radiation and fungus. From new, your bell tent can be used straight out of the bag without any need for treatment prior to use.

Zips: Zips are likely, at times, to endure extreme tension caused by wind, incorrect set ups or pressures caused by people or objects – here are some zip tips:

1) Before setting up your tent, zip the canvas and the groundsheet together all the way round – apart from the door.

2) Even though the groundsheet and tent may come separately, we recommend you keep them zipped together – this way you get a neater pitch, the zips have less stress and it’s faster to pitch up and take down.

3) Operate zips with care using a smooth, steady motion.

4) If a zip on your pitched bell tent seems strained, play with the tension on the guy ropes or adjust the positioning of the elastic peg loops to remove tension and ensure the zip functions correctly.

5) Protect and lubricate zips by applying a silicone based lubricant occasionally.


* Due to insufficient ventilation, fungus can affect the canvas so it’s really important to ensure your tent is dry to avoid fungus or other stains appearing! If you have to temporarily store your tent wet be sure to either remove the mud and dirt from under the groundsheet OR separate groundsheet from canvas until dry. Having taken down a wet tent, you MUST ensure to hang it up to dry within 48 hours – it’s not necessary to pitch the tent again, just hang it over a table or some chairs, or over the washing line. Basically, it just needs some air to completely dry before being packed away and stored.

* Make sure the ground is level and free from sharp objects and debris which could damage the ground sheet.

* Do not pull tent pegs out of the ground using the guy ropes or fabric fittings!, use your hand or a peg extractor to remove from ground. Any damage caused by removing pegs in this fashion will not be covered under warranty.

* Pitch the Bell Tent far away from camp fires, the recommend distance is 10 meters from naked flames. Common sense comes into play here.

Cleaning Tips: 1) It is in your interest to keep the canvas as clean as possible and remove dirt and stains when they first appear.

2) When dealing with mould or mildew, use a soft brush or sponge and a lot of fresh water and a specialised cleaning agent – and then a re-waterproofing agent is applied.

3) Excess dust and dried mud is better wiped away with a soft brush before a cleaning agent – and then re-waterproofing agent is applied.

4) Only use specialised tent cleaning products to remove difficult stains as other domestic chemical products can cause the cotton to degrade.

5) We suggest you have your tent re-impregnated with a waterproofing agent if any area has been cleaned using a specialised cleaning product.

6) Please use cleaning agents first on your bell tent to remove stains, then waterproofing agents when canvas is completely dry after cleaning.

7) If using your bell tent frequently, or for long periods of time, a cleaning and re-waterproofing treatment should be applied more frequently. Although caring for your bell tent is extremely easy, general maintenance is necessary to keep your tent looking tip-top and to prolong the canvas’s life span.

Mould and Mildew: Our tents are treated in the factory to be resistant to mould, but they are not mould-proof. Due to the multitude of climatic conditions around Australia and the many different ways people use their tents, we can not 12 cover mould or mildew damage in our 12 month guarantee. Canvas is a natural fibre and is prone to mould unless looked after. You must clean any mould as soon as you see it, otherwise it will spread and be more difficult to remove.

Re-Waterproofing: In order to preserve your tent’s water resistance and prolong its lifespan after a considerable amount of use, the outside of the canvas can be re-treated with a sealant. There are many great silicone sealants on the market. If your bell tent has enough waterproofing agent present it will cause the water on the surface to bead. You will literally see beads of water forming on the outer surface of the canvas. When it is time to re-waterproof, you will notice that the water no longer beads, and the bell tent retains some moisture in the canvas. Ultraviolet radiation can affect your bell tent and its water resistant capabilities. When re-waterproofing your bell tent look for products that also include UV protection.

Leaking: When new, cotton canvas can sometimes leak around the seams – this is perfectly normal and once the tent has had its first light shower the weave of the canvas will shrink, just slightly, and this will no longer happen.

Repairs: You might be surprised by the level of repair you can achieve yourself. Small rips in the canvas can literally be stitched closed using a common needle and thread, and the area will remain waterproof once sealed. Larger rips and tears will need to be patched – just make sure to try and use the same canvas colour, and type, as the original. If you feel the repair is beyond your capabilities then your bell tent can be taken to a professional Tent & Awning Repairer and fixed for a reasonable price.

Lifespan: The lifespan of your bell tent is very dependent upon the camping conditions and the way you look after it. Air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, natural and domestic dirt, all limit the lifespan of your cotton canvas bell tent – in short, if you look after your tent it will look after you for many years of happy camping.


WARRANTY INFORMATION: Karma Canvas Pty Ltd offer a 12 month warranty on our tents against manufacturing defects, but please be advised that this warranty does not extend to the poles, zips, mesh or groundsheets, only the canvas as the latter components are commonly misused. Contact Karma Canvas Pty Ltd if you need spare parts. Please be advised that our warranty is not transferable and is only applicable to tents delivered within Australia showing our Karma Canvas brand label. Our tents have been manufactured to a very high standard and our commitment to quality ensures our tents are produced to meet the ISO 9001 certification – the internationally recognised quality management system. We would like to stress that our tents, no matter how strong and durable, are only intended for use within the light leisure market in order for maximum longevity and performance. Karma Canvas Pty Ltd are fully committed to ensuring any problems that may occur are resolved to your satisfaction so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to help.


Even though lots of people keep our tents up long term, we sell bell tents as camping tents, not as permanent structures. Because of that our 12 month manufacturers warranty does not cover “professional” use after the first month. If a professional user buys a tent and reports a manufacturing problem within the first month we will look at it under warranty but after 28 days use it becomes a permanent structure and it is therefore not being used for the purpose it was sold for (i.e. a tent for camping).

The same rules apply for our stoves and accessories too, they are designed primarily for occasional use and defect brought about by continual or professional use will not be covered.

If a private individual buys and then erects one of our tents semi-permanently we will cover manufacturing defects for the length of the warranty but this does not cover mould or mildew as we have no control over the conditions the tent is left up in. The tent is treated to be mould resistant, not mould proof.


We operate within the confines of Australian Consumer Law for our returns and refund policy and any product with a major defect can be returned for your choice of replacement or refund. Minor defects or changes of mind will be dealt with at our discretion, and a refund is not guaranteed. Please contact us straight away if anything about your purchase is not right.

Please note that items can only be returned by prior arrangement so please contact info@karmacanvas.com.au to discuss and arrange this. For a return of this nature Karma Canvas Pty Ltd will not refund return shipping costs until the item is proven to have a fault. Where possible the item must be returned in its original condition with packaging, labels, seals and all other wrapping intact and must be fit for resale.


Karma Canvas provides free shipping within certain states and territories for every order over $250 in value. A flat rate of $50 will be charged for large items priced at under $250, and $25 for small items priced at under $250. A flat rate of $60 is charged for all deliveries to Western Australia. Our terms and conditions allow 10 working days for delivery within Australia. Shipping to most areas in Australia can normally be arranged within 5 days, however we can not guarantee shipping times due to the service being “best effort”.* Please note, if you are in New Zealand or outside Australian mainland, please call us for a delivery quote. We reserve the right to change our shipping policy without notice and at any time.


These terms and conditions shall apply to all transactions conducted via the Karma Canvas Pty Ltd website and regulate the business relationship between you and us. Please read them carefully before placing your order and make sure to print a copy for future reference. Please note that in these terms and conditions “you”, “your”, “yours” and “yourself” are references to any person ordering goods from the website, and “we”, “our”, “us” and “ours” are references to Karma Canvas Pty Ltd. If you offer or accept our offer for any goods, our contract is the terms set out below:

Notification of changes: We may change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Any changes will apply to subsequent orders.

Note: These terms and conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. No variation of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by the parties.

Order procedure: To place an order for any goods you should follow the procedures set out on the website, and it is your responsibility to ensure that all details of any order are complete and accurate. We shall accept your order by letter/e-mail confirmation and our message will also confirm details of your purchase and tell you when we shall dispatch your order – that is when our contract is made.

Placing an order: Each order shall be an offer by you to purchase goods subject to these terms and conditions. We will not be bound to supply any goods ordered until we have notified you of our acceptance of an order. We shall accept your order by letter/e-mail confirmation and our message will also confirm details of your purchase and tell you when we shall dispatch your order – again, that is when our contract is made. We are entitled to reject any order and will notify you of any such rejection.

Delivery: Goods will normally be delivered within 10 working days of receiving your order and full payment unless otherwise stated, or unless you made a pre-order. We will contact you by email if delivery is likely to be delayed beyond these periods, giving you the option to cancel your order. We may deliver the goods in instalments if the goods are not available at the same time for delivery.

Pre-orders – due to the popularity of our goods, we often offer customers the opportunity to pre-order goods before they are manufactured or before we have stock of said item(s). Whilst we do our best to ensure such orders are fulfilled within a certain timeframe, this may alter due to circumstances beyond our control and is subject to change without notice. We will do our best to keep you up to date with such changes.

Refunds on Pre-orders – when you pre-order with us, the same rules apply as for normal orders – i.e. we will only refund in the case of a major defect, after the item(s) have been received by you. Cancelling a pre-order is the same as a “change of mind” and we will not refund you for such an activity, only provide you with other items to the same value (where possible) or a store credit.

Postage and Packing: Unless otherwise stated, postage and packing shall be charged in addition to the price of the goods themselves and will vary according to the delivery address, weight and size of the goods ordered, and the method of postage preferred.

Payment: Full payment for any goods ordered must be made by credit or debit card (on-line at www.karmacanvas.com.au, or by telephone 0404 924745), or a cleared cheque in advance of delivery. You must pay the full price of your order before we send any part of it. All prices are in Australian Dollars. We will reserve payment from your card at the time we receive your order. The conversion of your currency to AUD may be subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

Availability: All goods are advertised for sale subject to availability. In the event of us being unable to supply the goods ordered, for whatever reason, we will inform you as soon as possible and offer an alternative, of equivalent quality and price, before we dispatch your order giving you the option to accept the alternative we offer, cancel your order or leave the order valid but tell us to omit the out-of-stock item. Should substitute goods not be to your reasonable satisfaction, we ask that you return the goods to us at your expense. If you have already paid for the substituted goods or any goods that are not available then a full refund of the purchase price will be given.

Specification: Sometimes product specifications from the manufacturer may change. In this event, we will do our best to provide a substitute of the same or better specifications at the same price.

Colours, Sizes and Measurements: All colours, sizes and measurements shown on the website are approximate.

Pricing: All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars). We try to ensure that the prices indicated on the website are up to date and accurate. However, we accept no liability for any errors and omissions and the final price of goods is the price in force at the time of us accepting your order. If a product has been listed at a lower price by mistake and you have ordered that product, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option to either reconfirm your order at the correct price or to cancel it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the order as cancelled. If you cancel and have already paid for the goods, a full refund will be issued.

Refund Policy: All goods are covered under your rights stated in Australian Consumer Law Act. We will only refund for items that have a major defect. The defect must be communicated to us within 7 days of receipt of the goods. Changes of mind are not eligible for a refund. We reserve the right to offer a free repair for items with a minor defect. The repair may require you to take the goods to a local repairer for which we will reimburse the costs of repair only, not transport. If repair is not practical or possible, we may offer a replacement product or store credit instead. In any of the above cases, the faulty item MUST be returned to us

Faulty Damaged Goods: If goods are found to have a manufacturing defect or are damaged upon delivery, please contact Karma Canvas Pty Ltd within 7 working days of receipt of the goods. We will, at our option, deliver replacement goods or repair the problem area using our in house canvas specialist. Photos of the problem area(s) are required prior to any collections being arranged. We will require that the faulty or damaged goods are returned to Karma Canvas Pty Ltd for inspection prior to a replacement, repair or refund being agreed. We will liaise with you to arrange for the collection of returning goods using our couriers. We will collect all returning goods within 14 days of both parties agreeing they shall be returned. If you are unable to accommodate a timely collection within those 14 days, the faulty goods will be deemed to be non-returnable and neither a refund nor a replacement will be given at a later date.

Returns: All goods which you intend to return must be kept in good condition whilst in your possession with both goods and all packaging kept in their original condition.

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