Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no easy answer to this one!

Our climate in Australia is notoriously extreme. However we are confident that our tents will outlast most other tents on the market, being made from the highest quality materials.

Mould, mildew and UV are the main issues to watch for. We have sections in our FAQ dedicated to tent maintenance, but in a nutshell:

  • Camping - if you only use your tent periodically throughout the year, you look after it and pack it away dry, your tent should last many years. We have many happy customers who bought one of our tents when we launched in Australia (2017) who are still using it regularly. To date we have had no warranty claims or returns, we are extremely proud of our track record. It's this kind of reliablility that keeps our customers loyal to our brand.
  • Glamping and professional use - this is a harder one to answer as it depends heavily on the climatic conditions in your local area as well as where the tent is pitched, and your appetite for maintenance. If you follow our guidelines our tents should last for between 6-18 months of permanent use. If you are considering purchasing a Karma tent for a business venture, it may be wise to factor in replacement costs to your business model, often on an annual basis. This model has the advantage of being tax deductible and also keeps your guests happy. Bear in mind that the next cheapest solution is to build a permanent structure which attracts council regulations and significant upfront cost. With our tents you can be up and running in no time. Just pitch, accessorise, style and go!

In a word, yes!

A large number of our tents are sold to glamping providers and private individuals who want to monetise their investment.

Think of it this way; many people get scared off by the inevitable council regulations and approvals, as well as the expense and hassle of building a guest accomodation on their property.

With our tents a modest investment can get you up and running in no time! Just purchase the tent, accessorise it and you're off.

Obviously even the most durable tent won't last as long as something more permanent, but once you start earning those AirBnB dollars you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Due to the popularity of our products, we often offer customers the opportunity to pre-order goods before they are manufactured or before we have stock of said item(s). 

Whilst we do our best to ensure such orders are fulfilled within a certain timeframe, this may alter due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. international freight delays and weather events) and is subject to change without notice. We will do our best to keep you up to date with such changes.

Refunds on Pre-orders – when you pre-order with us, the same rules apply as for normal orders – i.e. we will only refund in the case of a major defect, after the item(s) have been received by you, unless the cancellation is made within 7 days of the pre-order being made.  Cancelling a pre-order is the same as a “change of mind” and we will not refund you for such an activity, only provide you with other items to the same value (where possible) or a store credit.

All our canvas products are treated with a high quality proofing agent during manufacturing. This agent provides UV protetction and water repellancy as well as mould resistance.

There is actually no such thing as a mould proof canvas tent, mould is a fact of life and all canvas tents require maintenance to keep them perfoming and looking at their best.

To find out more about how to maintain your tent, please refer to the maintenance section of our FAQ.

If we mark the item as "in stock" on our website then that means it's physically with us in our warehouse and ready to be dispatched.

We don't engage is misleading advertising by marking items as "in stock" when they are not physically in our warehouse (i.e. we don't dropship).

Sometimes our inventory system gets out of sync with the physical stock we have. If this is the case and we no longer have stock of the item, we will contact you straight away to inform you of your options.

A quick note on stock availability:

All goods are advertised for sale subject to availability.

In the event of us being unable to supply the goods ordered, for whatever reason, we will inform you as soon as possible and offer an alternative, of equivalent quality and price, before we dispatch your order, giving you the option to accept the alternative we offer, cancel your order or leave the order valid but omitting the out-of-stock item.

Should substitute goods not be to your reasonable satisfaction, we ask that you return the goods to us at your expense. If you have already paid for the substituted goods or any goods that are not available then a full refund of the purchase price will be given.

First of all, all our tents and awnings are made from luxurious 100% unbleached, undyed cotton canvas. Many companies tents are made from synthetic materials or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres.

Canvas as a name goes back to when all canvas was made of hemp or cannabis, which is when the "can" in canvas comes from. When hemp became illegal, manufacturers turned to linen as a subsitute. When linen became too expensive to produce, it was replaced by cotton. Hence anything not made from natrural fibers is not true canvas.

When we talk about blended materials we are generally talking about polyester and cotton blended together. This material is much, much cheaper to produce. Think your poly / cotton tent is still a bargain? Think again. You're just making money for the manufacturer with no benefit to you.

Here's a breakdown of the differences between true canvas and synthetic or blended materials:


This is arguably the most important feature when considerinig a tent in our humid, hot australian climate.

Cotton: Canvas allows moisture from breath, perspiration and general humidity to escape. This maintains a constant, comfortable temperature inside the tent and makes it a much nicer environment to stay in. This is super important for guests. If they are too hot in the tent they won't return!

Synthetic / Blended: Synthetic is non breathable, blended is slightly better but still can't hold a candle to real canvas. More moisture gets trapped inside the tent making it uncomfortable to spend any length of time inside.

Stoves and Heat

Cotton: So long as basic precautions are followed, canvas is safe to use with wood-burning stoves and is ideal for hot-tenting.

Synthetic / Blended: Plastic and blends are not safe to use with heat sources, not only do smoke and fumes get trapped inside due to lack of breathability, blended canvas stands more chance of melting and releasing toxic fumes inside your tent.


Cotton: Water and rain causes the fibres of the canvas to swell and the weave becomes naturally waterproof. Surface tension causes the water droplets to bead and run off. We also add a breathable waterproof coating to seal the deal (pun intended!).

Synthetic / Blended: Synthetics resist water well initially however eventually when saturated the fabric will absorb water and further impact breathability and comfort.


Cotton: Canvas is extremely strong, resistant to tearing unless punctured and easy to repair. Since cotton canvas can be washed and retreated, if looked after well it can last a very long time.

Synthetic / Blended: Much easier to rip and tear, especially if exposed to heat. Almost impossible to repair. A damaged blended or plastic tent means complete replacement and is destined for landfill.


Cotton: Canvas is a heavy, sturdy material which means it has much more weight than blended or plastic tents. This means you don't get annoying flapping noises in high winds (especially when you are trying to sleep). Also the aerodynamic shape of our bell tents makes them quite resistant to strong winds. The wind goes around the tent instead of hitting a large surface area of material.

Synthetic / Blended: Plastic fibers are light and prone to flapping and making annoying noise when you are trying to sleep or chill out. They also stand more chance of being uprooted by the wind due to their lack of weight and heft.

UV Resistance

Cotton: We treat all our canvas with a protective coating which repels UV and protects the underlying fabric. This treatment can be reapplied easily giving the tent excellent longevity.

Synthetic / Blended: Have you ever seen what the sun does to plastic? 'Nuff said.. 


Cotton: Canvas is heavy. Heavy is good. Heavy means quality. You aren't likely to take a canvas tent hiking, so this is a non-issue for most people. Sometimes if the campsite is a distance from the car, it's wise to take a trolley for transport, or make sure to have someone to help.

Synthetic / Blended: This is a win for plastic. Synthetic tents can't be beaten for lightness. Blended tents are just as heavy as canvas, but without all the plus points we've mentioned.


Cotton: Cotton has a timeless feel and beauty to it. It feels great to the touch and doesn't look cheap.

Synthetic / Blended: Imagine a polyester t-shirt. Now imagine a cotton one. Which would you prefer to go out in? Plastic, whether blended or not, is shiny, hot, doesn't wick sweat, and looks artificial and cheap. Which would you prefer on your instagram story?

We have put a lot of thought into the price point of our tents. this can be summed up by the following points.

  • Many tents that are the same price as ours are made from inferior plastic / blended fabrics. Check their specs carefully.
  • Many tents that are made from canvas are more expensive than ours. Don't pay more than necessary.
  • Our tents have unique features that make them stand out from the competition. Built in 360 degree mesh double walls, stove exits, 2m high doors, minimal logos....the list goes on. 

See the "cotton canvas vs synthetic" FAQ for more info.

When using the tent for glamping accomodation, many people are choosing to build dedicated platforms for their tent for which we think there are two main options. One is to build a timber deck and another is to create a raised "pad" out of crusher dust or similar free-draining material.

Here are some points about both options:

  • Timber decks look great, allow ventilation to get under the tent keeping the underside of the groundsheet fairly clean and dry, and drain fairly well if designed correctly.
  • Crusher dust is easy to build with, has excellent drainage and provides a softer surface to walk and lie on, as well as giving great shape to the tent.
  • Timber decks are prone to allowing wind to get under the tent and force it upwards. They are also very firm to walk or lie on (we would definitely recommend one of our recycled mats to make it more forgiving) and because of their rigidity they can force the tent poles higher than usual, sometimes affecting tent shape. They are also time consuming and expensive to build (they need footings or foundations).
  • Crusher dust is more messy (however this can be alleviated by wetting and plate compacting your material) and may require the use of a second layer underneath the groundsheet to protect it from any sharp stones.
  • A cheaper alternative to timber decking is to use modified shipping pallets and concrete pre made footings which rest on the ground rather than being sunk into holes. This solution may not be right for every situation.

This question deserves a whole page to itself!

In a nutshell:

  • Our glamping tents are made from luxurious 100% cotton canvas, the most durable, breathable beautiful material out there.
  • Our PRO Mesh tents have 360 degree canvas / insect mesh walls which can individually rolled up / down. Other tents that have this feature save money by having only one zip track for both walls. We have a separate zip track for both canvas and mesh.
  • Our PRO Mesh tents have an integrated "hot tent" stove hole to allow easy fitting of one of our stoves. This means you don't have to cut the hole yourself (which makes people understandably nervous) and there is a custom flap allowing you to keep out the weather when the stove is not in use.
  • All our glamping tents all come with "no stoop" 2m high doors.
  • We use 7mm thick reflective "no trip" ropes and hardwood sliders for increased longevity where it counts.
  • All our glamping tents come with a "zipped-in" groundsheet which is the most flexible and durable type of groundsheet. It can easily be replaced if the need arises.
  • All our tents have minimal branding so that the true "look" of the tent is revealed. Many other companies put big logos down the side of their tents as free advertising. We prefer to keep it simple and original, we love our logo but you may not!

We are an online retail business and don't have a showroom or shop floor, but if you contact us, we're confident we can answer all your questions, giving you guidance and greater comfort to purchase online.

For large orders we may be able to arrange viewings in the Byron Bay / Lismore area but this is strictly by appointment only. Call us on 0404 924745 or email


Yes. Please note that the limit on Afterpay transactions is $2000 per order. This is set by Afterpay, not us and can't be modified.

Please don't contact us asking if we can split payments between Afterpay and other payment methods, it's not possible and may impact your consumer rights.

All tents must be ordered through the website. Sometimes for larger or custom orders we can raise a customised invoice for which we can provide a payment link.

We accept all major credit cards, GPay, Apple Pay, Paypal and Afterpay.

We do not accept phone payments.

If you wish to pick the tent up locally in the Northern Rivers you need to pay for the tent online before visiting us and produce your receipt.

Setup, Maintenance and Care

The good news is - it’s simple! 

  • Unpack your new tent and roll out the entire tent, groundsheet down, canvas up.
  • Orient the doorway to take advantage of the local views, or if you prefer, to give you some privacy. It’s a good idea not to pitch the doorway facing a prevailing wind.
  • Sometimes, the zips come undone slightly in transit. Check that all zips are done all the way up and there are no flapping bits! Note: On our Pro Mesh tents there are two zip tracks around the circumference of the tent, one for the canvas layer, and one for the anti-bug mesh. Both of these should be zipped up fully.
  • Peg the tent out using the eyelets on the groundsheet. It’s best if you start on one side and then move to the opposite side, you can use the pegs in a lever fashion to stretch the groundsheet out for the best shape, all the time ensuring there are no folds or creases in the groundsheet.
  • Tie on the guy ropes and sliders to the reinforced canvas loops around the outside of the tent (just above the wall). The longer rope should be used for the loop at the top of the doorway.
  • Unzip the door and go in with the main centre pole. There is a steel ring close to one end of the pole, this should be closest to the roof, allowing you to hang a light or other accessories.
  • Place the plastic sucker of the pole in the reinforced section of the middle of the roof, ensuring it’s completely centred for the best shape, and place the bottom sucker centred on the groundsheet. When new the canvas is quite tight so this needs a bit of muscle power to push it into the centre. Stand back and check that the pole is completely centred in the tent.
  • Grab the A frame pole out of the bag and take it folded into the tent. Push the spike at the apex through the eyelet in the apex of the doorway.
  • Fold out the A frame on both sides and put the plastic tips into the pockets provided on each side of the doorway.
  • Step outside the tent. Support the doorway by pegging down the rope at the apex of the doorway using the 400cm rope (one is longer than the others). Then peg down the other 200cm ropes on that side of the tent, followed by the opposite side. Don’t tension the ropes too much at this stage, and follow the seam line on the roof of the tent with the rope for the perfect shape.
  • Tension the guy rope sliders one by one until the perfect pitch is achieved.
  • Place the plastic rain cap on the doorway spike.
  • (Optional) grab your beverage of choice, stand back and circle the tent to admire your handiwork.
  • Most important step of all…..chill out, slow down and cheer up, you now own a Karma Canvas tent!

Canvas is a natural fibre and whilst we treat our tents to be mould resistant, eventually the proofing will degrade. How long this takes is dependant on the climate and the length of time it is exposed to the elements.

It's best to clean the tent on a sunny day to allow the sun to dry the tent quickly. Cleaning and reproofing your tent should take no longer than cleaning and waxing a car.

If you find mould on your canvas product, don't panic. Here are some tips:

  • Keep a look out for mould at all times. It's ideal to get onto the mould as soon as you see it appear. This way cleaning will be straightforward.
  • Brush all loose dirt off your tent with a soft brush whilst erected.
  • Spray the tent to moisten it.
  • Contaminants may need a mild soap, warm water and a wet sponge or cloth to remove the top layer (think bird poo or sap).
  • Use a mild mould killing agent and mix as per the instructions (we recommend Wet'N'Forget) you can also use a solution of 1:1 white vinegar and water, with just a few drops of clove oil. Be careful as too much clove oil can discolour the tent.
  • Soak the tent in the solution as per the instructions.
  • Clean off the mould cleaning agent with mild soap and warm water and a sponge / soft brush.
  • Rinse the tent thoroughly
  • Allow the tent to dry
  • Apply a proofing agent. There are many on the market but we recommend Bradproof. which is a specialised canvas proofing agent.
  • Allow the tent to dry.


Our couriers do not deliver to PO boxes.

In addition to this our products are large and heavy, making PO box deliveries problematic, if not impossible.

In certain circumstances if you are in a remote location you may be able to get the products delivered to the local LPO. It's the customers responsibility to arrange this with the LPO beforehand and advise us of the correct address.

This is another question that is difficult to answer definitively. We don't make promises s as the delivery times are totally dependent on the carrier.

Generally we suggest that you allow about 2 weeks for receipt of our order, especially if you are living in a non-metro area. This is partly due to our products being very large and heavy. Often the courier will store the goods at their depot until a suitable vehicle becomes available, and this can cause delays, especially during busy periods such as Christmas or Easter.

We can't work to deadlines, so if you have an event or project which you require the product(s) for please make sure you plan ahead and order them in plenty of time.

If you have any concerns about the order not being recieved on time, please contact us to discuss before the order is placed and we can contact the courier for an estimate.

Once the shipment has left us, timeframes are completely out of our hands, however we have a great logistics team and they will chase up any items that have been delayed significantly (longer than 2 weeks).

Please note - If you order more than one item, even if they get shipped from us as a package, it's common that they get split up by the courier as they see fit and delivered in stages. Again, this is out of our control.

You will, of course,  get a tracking link which will allow you to track your consignment.

No refunds or replacements will be given for products which arrive later than you expect. Ensure you allow plenty of time for delivery.

We are currently offering FREE shipping to anywhere in Australia when you spend $250 or more.

Free Shipping Terms

  • We reserve the right to withdraw or change this offer at any time and without notice.
  • This offer does not include some very heavy and oversized items, such as our 120cm and 100cm fire pits. These items will still incur a flat rate shipping fee.
  • Pickup from our Northern Rivers warehouse is still free.
  • Free shipping is uninsured and best effort.
  • We cannot guarantee shipping times for free shipping although we will do out utmost to make sure you get your product in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Free shipping is at our disrection at all times, even after an order is placed
  • We will always use the most cost effective shipping method if free shipping is selected. 
  • All orders will be left at your premises so please ensure you have a secure area or safe place for items to be placed.
  • To be fair to customers who have selected this option, paid shipping will be prioritised by us over free shipping when we fulfill orders.
  • Please note - paid shipping is not express shipping

All paid shipping rates are advised at checkout and are calculated by postcode.

If your postcode is not recognised by our system, or you have a large order to make, please contact us for a quote.

For orders in excess of 5 large items, please contact us, these orders often need to be palletised and can't be dealt with through our couriers.

You will receive notification via email once your shipment has been booked in with our logistics company.

Please be on the lookout for emails from "Parcel King". The emails do not come directly fom us. Please also check your spam folder just in case. These email are sent without exception to the email address you specify.

Generally we use one of the big courier companies to deliver your order. This is normally either Startrack or TNT depending on your area. The consignment can be tracked via these companies websites by plugging in the consignment number to their tracking sites.

We can't help with delayed orders, its best to contact the courier directly, or our amazing team at Parcel King who will contact them on your behalf.

Parcel King can be contacted via the following email address:

Warranties and Returns


In a nutshell, the canvas part of our tents are covered for 24 months against manufacturing defects only. This does not include any damage caused by incorrect use, misuse or neglect. All items will be inspected by our experienced team to determine if this is the case.

Our 24 month limited warranty does not cover poles, pegs, insect mesh or groundsheets, only the canvas fly.

Our Nomad stoves have a full 12 month warranty. This only applies to the stove body / firebox and does not include flue pipes or other accessories, including flashing kits as these are considered consumables that wear out over time and can be replaced at a reasonable cost.

We operate strictly within the bounds of federal Australian Consumer Law with regards to returns or exchanges. To summarise:

All goods are covered under your rights stated in Australian Consumer Law Act. We will only refund or offer a replacement (at our discretion) for items that have a major defect. The defect must be communicated to us within 14 days of receipt of the goods, after which you have 30 days to return the items to us (including transit times).

Changes of mind and late deliveries howsoever caused, are not eligible for a refund or replacement.

We reserve the right to offer a free repair only for items with a repairable defect. The repair may require you to take the goods to a local repairer for which we will reimburse the costs of repair only, not transportation. If repair is not practical or possible, we may offer the same or a similar replacement product or store credit instead.

In all cases where the item is to be replaced or refunded, the faulty item must be returned to us. The cost of all returns must be covered by the customer in the first instance until such time as we have inspected the item. Reimbusement of return shipping will then be carried out at our discretion.

Note that our items are heavy and large so return shipping can be expensive. It's advisable to take out insurance for the returned goods as we will not accept responsibility for lost or missing items returned by you.

All returned items must be in resaleable condition, i.e. not dirty or used, including original packaging. Any deviation from this will be dealt with at our discretion and replacements or refunds may incur a restocking / cleaning fee or both.

Stoves and fire pits which have been used and exposed to heat are not eligible for return or refund since they can't be resold, unless they have a major defect which was only visible after use.

Please see the ACCC website for your rights under the act and contact us if there's anything you aren't sure of.

No refunds or replacements will be given for items that:

• Have incomplete or missing parts
• Are damaged in anyway
• Are dirty
• Are lost in return transit
• Are returns initiated more than 30 days after delivery
• Have not been given prior authorisation

Please contact us immediately at if you think you have received a defective product.

We require that you take and send us photos of the damaged / defective item as soon as it's discovered, both for your records and to assist us in the returns process. If this isn't done, we will not be able to proceed with the return authorisation.