Bell Tents vs Tiny Homes vs Yurts

Bell Tents vs Tiny Homes vs Yurts

Add an extra bedroom in the time it takes to update your Airbnb listing.

  1. Kind to the environment. No messy construction waste, very few plastic components. Real canvas can be recycled or will break down over time if disposed of.

    bell tent

  2. Can be moved easily according to climatic conditions e.g. wind, sun, rain to provide greater comfort for guests.

    eco tents

  3. Does not need building approval laws (DA) in NSW which significantly reduces the cost and timeframe of a startup. Start earning money sooner!

  4. A luxury retreat in less than 20 minutes – no check-in necessary! Easy to set up and maintain. 

  5. Tents are extremely cost-effective to purchase and the tent will pay for itself within weeks.


  6. Our bell tents have a 360 degree anti-bug mesh wall, including on all four windows and three vents at the apex of the tent, designed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

  7. Does not require underground trenching or earthworks for plumbing and electricity.

    bell tents australia

  8. Surprise your guests with a stay under the stars. Gives guests a back to nature experience. Think camping without the boring parts! (Setup, transportation and pack down).

  9. Can be pitched on a deck or gravel pad for more permanent setups. Doesn’t require a completely flat surface as it has a flexible base

  10. Can be styled and accessorized to your liking. You can change the interior design for an event or for a holiday stay.

    luxury tent

  11. Classic design that never goes out of style. Only the accessories need to be switched up to update the aesthetic.

  12. Completely waterproof made from 360 GSM 100% cotton canvas material. Specially treated to resist mould and UV.

  13. Due to their lack of a real kitchen, they encourage guests to eat out - helping the local economy. Alternatively you can install a Nomad Stove and have some comfort food at your finger tips.

    permanent tent

  14. Easy to repair or replace if needed. We offer a 12-month warranty from purchase, in which time we will replace your bell tent, on the rare occasion there is a fault in the canvas.⁠

    Conclusion: Bell tents are an easy, cost-effective way to expand your accommodation. Make it a retreat for yourself, family visits, or Airbnb guests that want to enjoy the outdoor life with comfort and ease. Explore our range of bell tents and start elevating your outdoor experience today.

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