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Karma Canvas Australia

Curved Porch Canopy

Curved Porch Canopy

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This fantastic curved canopy is 100% organic cotton canvas (matching our bell tents) and offers a very generous head height for taller people which means less stooping to enter the tent!

It’s quick to put up, hooking onto the bell tent a-frame spike, weighs in less than 10kg and comes in a matching canvas carry bag for transport and storage.

This canopy is a great way to extend your bell tent living space offering great shelter for cooking, relaxing and a place to keep muddy footwear.

It’s also an ideal way to attach a camper van or live-in vehicle to your bell tent as it is the perfect height for most van doors. This porch offers a great drive-up and connects solution.

    • Hooks onto A-frame spike
    • Matching canvas carry bag
    • 100% cotton canvas, 285 gsm
    • Universal fit for all our bell tents
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