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Nomad Fireproof Mat

Nomad Fireproof Mat

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Our exclusive fireproof mats are made from a carbon fibre blend which resists temperatures up to 300 degrees centigrade. This makes it an essential accessory for anyone using our Nomad stoves inside a tent or on surfaces which need protection.

The top part of the mat looks like a grey carpet and is made from a hybrid carbon fibre material which not only protects your groundsheet or flooring from hot embers but will also resist naked flames.

The underside of the mat is made from a waterproof silicone material which prevents the mat from absorbing liquids which can compromise its fireproof properties.

Mat dimensions are 1230mm long by 795mm wide. It can be trimmed to be made smaller if needed.

Please note that embers must not be left burning on the mat, eventually the heat will penetrate the fabric and cause damage to the floor.

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