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Nomad Stove Large Flashing Kit

Nomad Stove Large Flashing Kit

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Our large flashing kit is designed to make your life much easier when using the Nomad Double Insulated Flue section. It's larger size and pre-measured lines means less chance of making costly mistakes when cutting the silicone.

If you are using the double insulated flue, we highly recommend that you purchase this large flashing kit rather than the smaller one.

Please note: This product is not compatible with the standard 60mm flue section of our nomad stoves. For these applications you will need to purchase the standard sized Nomad Flashing Kit.

It is compatible with any flue measuring between 75 - 160mm and will fit inside any of our PRO Mesh tent's custom flue flap.

It is very simple to install, just cut the marked hole in the top of the collar and fit it in your preferred location in the tent. Next, insert the flue through the silicone collar when installed with the bolts and it’s ready to use.

You can also purchase a perspex cover for this large flashing, which seals the hole when the stove is not in use whilst still letting light into the tent.

Our handy flashing kit installation guide can be downloaded here.

The silicone collar is very flexible so it can be used at a 45-degree angle as well.

Pack includes:

  • Orange heatproof silicone collar
  • Two attached stainless steel metal rings
  • 6 Stainless steel bolts
  • Locking nuts and washers


240mm external diameter

Fits flues from 75mm - 160mm

Suitable for temperatures up to 300°C

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