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Nomad Vista PRO | Tent Stove with Dual Eco Burn

Nomad Vista PRO | Tent Stove with Dual Eco Burn

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We're proud to present the new Karma Nomad Vista PRO stove. This cutting edge design has been 2 years in the making, drawing on our 2 decades of experience in the field. The Vista is our largest stove, with a timeless design that never looks out of place. The extra large window is constructed from patented German "Schott" heatproof glass. No fiddly assembly is required!

We've also upgraded the collapsible flue with a thicker 304 stainless steel giving increased corrosion resistance and durability. When the stove is packed down for storage or transportation all the flue sections fit perfectly inside its belly and the legs fold away. The entire unit fits inside its custom carry bag allowing easy transportation.


The upgraded, patented dual Eco-Burn system doubles the efficiency of the secondary burn function, making your fuel last longer and produce less emissions. This is great when you're in close proximity to other campers.


We have carefully considered our customers requirements when designing this stove, especially those who are using the stove in semi-permanent or longer term situations. The build quality of this product is evident as soon as you open the box and whilst this is an incredibly durable stove, with some clever design we've managed to keep the total weight at just 12kg.


The stove includes a removable ash pan for easy cleaning, a heavy duty carry bag, full instructions for use, and poker tool for stoking the fire and safe removal of the lockable top-loading cooking plate.

7 x 300mm extra thick 304 stainless flue sections and 1 x extra thick 304 stainless spark arrestor are included. Extra sections can be purchased if required.

There are also two removable grill racks which can be used to extend your cooking area and allows pots and pans to be moved off the heat whilst being kept safely elevated off the floor.

    • Extra large German "Schott" glass window in the door
    • Upgraded dual eco-burn secondary ventilation system, ensuring efficient clean combustion and reduction of fuel usage.
    • 7 x 300mm flue sections included and 1 x 300mm spark arrestor
    • Integrated spark arrestor at top of flue pipe, protecting your tent from hot embers
    • Extra long upgraded thicker 2. 4mtr 60mm stainless steel flue pipe
    • Fully welded heavy-duty firebox complete with a multi-fuel ash grate.
    • Integrated, removable ash-pan
    • Sliding air control regulator
    • Removable locking steel hotplate / top loader
    • Cooking/drying racks x2



    • Dimensions: Legs Folded -  290mm H x 250mm W x 365mm D
    • Dimensions: Legs Open with cooking racks - 390mm H x 530mm W x 365mm D
    • Total Height with flue - 2.51m
    • Heat output - approx 4kw
    • Weight - 12kg
    • Steel - 3mm thickness
    • Flue length - 2.4m (7 x 300mm sections included)
    • Flue internal diameter - 60mm

Please note:

Dry hardwood is the recommended fuel of choice and significantly improves the duration and efficiency of burn.

⚠️ Safety Information:
If you wish to use your Nomad stove inside a tent, you need to purchase the silicone flashing kit available in our store. As an optional but highly recommended extra, we also suggest that you purchase the double insulated flue section which will protect the silicone flashing and prevent it from getting too hot and perishing. We always recommend the use of a portable carbon monoxide detector when using our stoves inside an enclosed area. We also recommend that you do not sleep with the fire alight.

Our Nomad PRO Stove range is protected by way of registered design in the UK, Australia and other relevant territories.

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